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Application for allotment of plot of land shall have to be made on the prescribed application from applicable from the office of the company. Along with the applications as per plan opted, we have 2 types of plan as provided

Plan a selected then total Price is to be paid & if plan B

Opted &as per current down payment percentage (%) available & selected same by applicant is to be paid & the rest amount will be divided into equal installment asper EMI duration (in months) opted.

Allotment of plot shall be made on the first come first serve basis and subject to availability of plots. Applicant can be issue a Cheque, DD in favor of concerned companies as per given in first page, payable at Mirzapur. UP payment against Cheque/draft willbe confirmed subject to recitation. In case of payment by draft the charges shall be borne by the applicant. If payment mode by cheque & dishonoures by bank for any reason, charges shall be borne by the applicant.

Agreement of allotment of plot of land shall be made within 20 days from the date of completion of down payment of plot as per down payment % selection.

Applicant shall pay the balance amount of plot by selected in equal monthly installments. The first monthly installment will start from the succeeding month of agreement date.. Physical possession of the plot of land shall be handed over after all the payment & dues cleared by applicant or per instructed by company. For latest information always be touch with the company.

Timely payment of installments is the essence of the terms of the booking/agreement. However in the event of breach of any of the terms and conditions of the allotment by the applicant, the allotment will be cancelled at the discretion the company and the booking amount and all other administrative expenses shall stand forfeited.

In case of prolong drought, flood or and other reason. which is beyond the control of the company. The registration and delivery of possession of plot of land shall be made accordingly. The applicant will have the option to assign his/her right on the plot of land to his/her nominated person and installment it to the company. The company may accept or reject any application at its discretion without assigning any reason whatever.

In case of any dispute between the company and applicant, the dispute shall be referred to the sole arbitration of any arbital tribunal appointment by the managing director of the company, whose decision will be final and binding on the parties to the reference the arbitration will be in accordance with Arbitration and Conciliation act, 1996.

Booking amt. 25% -40%, but adjustable when plot purchase at any location once, valid for 1 plot.

In case applicant fails to pay 3 consecutive EMI of the plot, then company shall cancel the allotment of plot of applicant and the booking amount and all other administrative expenses shall stand forfeited.

The forfeited amount shall be returned to the applicant after 2 years. In case ifapplicant wants the forfeited amount within a month the company shall deduct 25% of the forfeited amount and return the balance to the applicant.

In case the applicant purchase the new plot then the forfeited amount will be adjusted according to the current

price of the plot which is subject to availability.